Table 4

 Numbers of CHD patients needed to treat (NNT) with palivizumab for prevention of one hospitalisation according to published efficacy data9

Age groupRSV hospitalisationsChild-years*Hospitalisation rate per 100 child-yearsEfficacy of palivizumab (risk reduction)NNT‡
*To account for the fact that true RSV exposure exists during approximately six months per year, child-years (see table 2) were divided by a factor of 2 to calculate NNT.
†Risk reduction for this age group is not given in the publication by Feltes and co-workers.9 Here we used the average of the risk reduction rates reported for the age groups <6 months (51%) and 6–12 months (16%), respectively.
‡NNT; number needed to treat for prevention of one RSV hospitalisation (95% CI are given in parentheses).
<6 mth52042.551%80 (35 to245)
<12 mth84072.033%†154 (78 to356)
12–24 mth23910.558%259 (72 to2140)
<24 mth107981.345%177 (97 to369)