Table 3

 Multiple regression analysis of local height-for-age Z score against previous height, time of birth (seasonal factors x1 and x2), H pylori colonisation, and diarrhoeal disease for children aged <1 year

Dependent variableVariableRegression coefficientSE coefficientt ratiop value
Height-for-age Z score at 6 monthsHeight-for-age Z score at 3 months0.0.7580.0924.29<0.001
Seasonal factor x1−0.1430.091−1.580.118
Seasonal factor x20.1460.0871.680.097
H pylori at 6 months−0.2810.13−2.170.033
(R2 = 67.2)Diarrhoea 3–6 months0.0250.40110.060.951
Height-for-age Z score at 9 monthsHeight-for-age Z score at 6 months0.8440.0614.0<0.001
Seasonal factor x10.1570.0841.870.065
Seasonal factor x20.0060.0850.070.945
H pylori at 9 months−0.1280.12−1.070.29
(R2 = 67.7%)Diarrhoea 6–9 months−0.5240.464−1.130.262
Height-for-age Z score at 12 monthsHeight-for-age Z score at 9 months0.8840.04619.0<0.001
Seasonal factor x10.0780.0681.140.256
Seasonal factor x2−0.1420.072−1.990.049
H pylori at 12 months−0.0540.098−0.550.582
(R2 = 78.4%)Diarrhoea 9–12 months−0.6550.37−1.760.082