Table 2

 Multiple regression analysis of local weight-for-age Z score against previous weight, time of birth (seasonal factors x1 and x2), H pylori colonisation, and diarrhoeal disease for children aged <1 year

Dependent variableVariableRegression coefficientSE coefficientt ratiop value
Weight-for-age Z score at 3 monthsWeight-for-age Z score at birth0.4690.0954.91<0.001
Seasonal factor x10.0580.1230.470.638
Seasonal factor x20.0540.1170.470.643
H pylori at 3 months−0.3440.19−1.810.074
(R2 = 24.3%)Diarrhoea 0–3 months0.2760.6180.450.657
Weight-for-age Z score at 6 monthsWeight-for-age Z score at 3 months0.8520.05814.6<0.001
Seasonal factor x1−0.1830.074−2.470.015
Seasonal factor x20.050.0720.70.486
H pylori at 6 months−0.2510.106−2.350.021
(R2 = 72.3%)Diarrhoea 3–6 months−0.4750.33−1.440.153
Weight-for-age Z score at 9 monthsWeight-for-age Z score at 6 months0.9150.0518.2<0.001
Seasonal factor x10.1550.0692.260.026
Seasonal factor x2−0.2620.069−3.79<0.001
H pylori at 9 months−0.160.098−1.630.107
(R2 = 78.6%)Diarrhoea 6–9 months−0.5580.38−1.470.146
Weight-for-age Z score at 12 monthsWeight-for-age Z score at 9 months0.9130.04222.0<0.001
Seasonal factor x10.2920.0585.0<0.001
Seasonal factor x20.1840.0622.960.004
H pylori at 12 months0.1930.0852.280.025
(R2 = 82.6%)Diarrhoea 9–12 months−0.8910.31−2.870.005