Table 1

 Odds ratios for selected variables for the development of H pylori colonisation by age 6 months

VariablenOR (95% CI)
Other variables examined but not tabulated (95% CI odds ratios include unity) included: adult and child occupational and sleeping density; number of beds; type of bed; house construction; sources of water; variety and number of domestic animals; material possessions; consumption of purchased consumables; original tribe and education of either parent; cultivation of specific crops; sale of domestic animals.
Both cohorts of children
Antibiotics prescribed by age 6 months1751.23 (0.91 to 1.67)
Born in dry season1752.59 (1.67 to 4.02)
Cohort 1
Resident village 11100.95 (0.57 to 1.58)
Resident village 21101.03 (0.88 to 1.2)
Resident village 31101.0 (0.81 to 1.23)