Table 2

Multiple linear regression and Pearson correlation for the relation between each measure of “advantage” and the “preference” for the alternative option over one stage TCPC (the dependent variable, DV)

Analysis: “main effect” of ...R2 for analysisPredictor variables (IVs); difference in expected yearsb (regression weight)β (standardised weight)Significance (p value for b/β)Pearson’s r between IV and DV
For Pearson’s r, *p<0.05, **p<0.01.
1. Time0.323Medium term survival (0–10 years)0.660.130.3610.45**
Long term survival (10–20 years)1.270.470.0010.56**
2. Functional status0.426In NYHA class I or II1.150.81<0.00050.63**
In NYHA class III or IV0.580.240.178−0.36*
3. Time and functional status0.460In NYHA I/II medium term0.870.320.3420.50**
In NYHA I/II long term1.590.630.0020.66**
In NYHA III/IV medium term0.930.270.348−0.37*
In NYHA III/IV long term0.350.080.595−0.15
4. Time and outcome (“best” and “worst” outcomes)0.460In NYHA I/II medium term−0.06−0.020.9070.50**
In NYHA I/II long term1.250.500.0270.66**
Dead in the medium term−0.93−0.160.348−0.45**
Dead in the long term−0.35−0.130.595−0.56**