Table 2

 Presentations of non-type 1 diabetes subtypes

PresentationDiabetes typeInvestigations
OverweightType 2OGTT off insulin
May have ketoacidosisGAD/IA-2 antibodies
Insulin dose (<0.5 units/kg)
+/− Acanthosis
+/− Non-white
DiabetesMODYGenetic analysis
Dominant family historyHNF-1α
Usually leanGlucokinase
Usually no ketonuria
Neonatal diabetes
UPD 6Genetic analysis
GlucokinaseGenetic analysis
Pancreatic agenesisUltrasound
Kir 6.2 mutationsGenetic analysis79
Liver/renal impairment in diabetic childWolcott-Rallisonx ray hips
CardiomyopathyAlströmOphthalmic and cardiac review
Diabetes and visual impairmentAlströmOphthalmic review
Deafness, diabetes, and family historyWolframOphthalmic review
3243 mitochondrial mutationGenetic analysis
Megaloblastic anaemia and diabetesRogerHearing test
+/− hearing defectTrial of thiamine
Genetic analysis
Short stature and diabetesAlströmOphthalmic and cardiac review
Bardet-BiedlOphthalmic review