Table 2

 Baseline investigations for all infants in six studies with protocols

*Performed in second year of study.
CPK, creatinine phosphokinase.
Note: all studies performed additional investigations in selected infants as clinically indicated.
Basic blood tests Metabolic work up
FBC, U+E, glucose++++++Lactate, ammonia+
Calcium, magnesium+++++Serum amino acids++
Liver function tests++Urine organic acids++
Blood gas or bicarbonate+++++Urine reducing substances+
Thyroid hormones+ Cardiology
Infection screen 24 hour tape*
Blood cultureEchocardiography+
Urinalysis or culture+++ Other
Chest x ray+++++Toxicology screen++
If secretions present:Electroencephalogram (EEG)+++
Pertussis swab+Polysomnograph+*+
Virology tests+ENT consultation+
Bacteriological testsMilk scan or barium swallow or pH studies+*+