Table 1

 Characteristics of children and effects of intervention

Insecticide villagesControl villagesp Value*
IQR, interquartile range; UBT, urea breath test.
2 test for categorical variables and Mann-Whitney U test for continuous variables.
†Children with inadequate breath samples have been excluded: a total of four from the insecticide and three from the control villages.
Baseline survey
    Number (%) positive UBTs†52/82 (63.4)74/124 (59.7)0.69
    Median (IQR) age, months12.5 (8.9–15.4)11.5 (8.2–15.0)0.40
Follow up survey: cohort children
    Number (%) positive UBTs†41/54 (75.9%)63/79 (79.8)0.76
Follow up survey: infants aged 6–11 months
    Number (%) positive UBTs†31/42 (73.8)19/29 (65.5)0.63
    Median (IQR) age, months8.5 (7.0–10.7)9.5 (7.1–10.7)0.76
Catches of M. domestica
    Number of fly traps11761162
    Median (IQR) M. domestica per trap1 (0–5)4 (1–12)<0.001
    Number of traps with no M. domestica after 24 h499266<0.001