Table 2

Characteristics of mothers and infants participating in a longitudinal breast feeding study in rural KwaZulu Natal

Maternal characteristics (n=130)
Clinic 1n=36
Clinic 2n=55
Clinic 3n=39
Age at delivery (mean)26 years (SD 7)
Parity (median)2.0 (range 1–10)
    Completion of final year of school30% (n=39)
    Completion of some schooling54% (n=70)
    No schooling10% (n=13)
    Unknown6% (n=8)
Main water supply
    Piped water48% (n=62)
    Well water15% (n=19)
    River water36% (n=47)
    Other1% (n=2)
Main fuel supply
    Electricity38% (n=49)
    Paraffin25% (n=33)
    Wood26% (n=34)
    Other11% (n=14)
Toilet facilities
    Flush toilet11% (n=14)
    Pit latrine74% (n=96)
    No toilet facilities15% (n=20)
Delivery (n=130)
Home delivery14% (n=18)
Caesarean section12% (n=16)
Breast health problems reported during  first 48 hours post-partum31% (n=41)
Breast health problems reported after first  48 hours post-partum19% (n=25)
Infant characteristics (n=134)
Infant female50% (n=67)
Mean birth weight3.3 kg (SD 0.45)