Table 1

Relation between KOSCHI outcome score for 59 cases and signs and symptoms at presentation (Bender score): apnoea: hypoxic ischaemia and no apnoea/intracerebral radiological change

KOSCHI 1 Dead n=16KOSCHI 2/3 Severe disability n=12KOSCHI 4 Moderate disability n=6KOSCHI 5 Good outcome n=25Total
Bender score: symptoms at presentation to hospital
    1 mild symptoms12047
    2 drowsy with neuro deficit0741728
    3 stuporous22127
    4 comatose1011214
Apnoea at presentation
    No apnoea6752038
Diffuse brain swelling/hypoxic ischaemic damage on radiology (for 57 cases who had neuroimaging and outcome known)
    No radiology2
    Brain swelling/hypoxic ischaemic damage1131318
    No radiological intracerebral damage evident or clinical apnoea1421421