Table 3

Respiratory indices of obese and control groups

Obese groupControl groupp value
All data are mean values of two nights. All indexes are events/hour.
SD in parentheses.
*Not all subjects had the end tidal CO2 measurement.
NS, not significant, p>0.05.
Obstructive apnoea index (OAI)3.44(10.65)0.26(0.81)<0.05
Central apnoea index (CAI)0.39(0.99)0.38(0.45)NS
Apnoea index (AI)3.9(10.88)0.67(0.92)NS
Hypopnoea index (HI)5.36(9.11)1.28(0.93)<0.01
Respiratory disturbance index (RDI)9.3(18.7)2.01(1.5)<0.02
Oxygen desaturation index (ODI)9.77(21.38)1.20(1.11)<0.01
Arousal index6.55(6.55)4.69(2.26)NS
Peak end tidal CO2*50.99(9.18)50.34(6.27)NS