Table 2

Sleep architectures of obese and control groups

Obese group (nā€Š=ā€Š46)Control group (nā€Š=ā€Š44)
All data were mean values of two nights except for three subjects (see text).
SD in parentheses.
Tis%, % of total time in sleep.
MSLT, all except one obese subject.
Total sleep time, TST (min)542.9(15.8)542.3(15.3)
Actual sleep time, AST (min)459.1(51.1)464.3(46.0)
Sleep efficiency, SE (%)84.6(9.1)85.6(8.0)
Sleep onset latency, SOL (min)23.3(22.1)22.3(15.4)
REM onset latency, ROL (min)132.1(46.7)117.2(32.3)
Stage 1 (Tis%)5.4(2.1)5.7(2.6)
Stage 2 (Tis%)48.2(6.3)48.6(7.9)
Stage 3 (Tis%)7.4(2.7)6.7(2.6)
Stage 4 (Tis%)19.5(6.9)18.7(7.3)
REM sleep (Tis%)19.5(4.3)20.2(3.8)
MSLT (min)15.5(3.4)14.7(4.2)