Table 1

The RCPCH criteria for GPT which were used in the audit

  1. Workload: ⩾1800 acute general paediatric contacts and/or ⩾1800 deliveries each year

  2. Up to date job description

  3. Educational supervision: all SHOs should have educational supervisor who they meet within two weeks of starting post and 2–3 monthly thereafter

  4. Safety net: resident paediatrician with ⩾12 months experience at all times

  5. Guidelines: easily accessible guidelines relating to common paediatric illnesses

  6. Induction: relevant induction course within first week of post, including neonatal and paediatric resuscitation training

  7. Protected education: three hours bleep-free department based education per week; ⩾75% attendance should be achieved

  8. Outpatient experience: in six months, general and specialty SHOs should attend ⩾10 outpatient clinics; neonatal SHOs should attend ⩾5 clinics

  9. Post-take ward round: all SHOs should receive feedback on work they have done overnight, usually on a post-take ward round

  10. Audit: all SHOs should participate in one audit project in a six month post

  11. Domestic: appropriate provision of food out of hours, sleeping/resting facilities, and security

  12. Educationally appropriate duties: within level of competence and not educationally unproductive