Table 3

Estimates of treatment given, favourable outcomes at skeletal maturity, and avascular necrosis of the femoral head by strategy treatment

No screeningClinical screening aloneUniversal ultrasoundSelective ultrasound
Number per 100000 live births, rounded to nearest whole number.
*Within each strategy 120 infants per 100000 live born are expected to develop DDH.
    Surgery alone1201022849
    Abduction splinting alone0421516707
    Abduction splinting and surgery0<122
Favourable treatment outcomes
        Not screened or not detected by screening90582136
        Detected by screening0368970
    Achieved without surgery0178768
Avascular necrosis
        Not screened or not detected by screening181247
        Detected by screening0857
    Arising in infants with false positive diagnoses0446