Table 2

Estimated performance of alternative screening strategies

Screening strategy
Clinical screening aloneUniversal ultrasoundSelective ultrasound
Numbers per 100000 live births, rounded to nearest whole number, unless otherwise stated.
*DDH, developmental dysplasia of the hip.
†Baseline assumption that all newborns are examined clinically and are assessed for recognised risk factors, but that 2% miss ultrasound screening in a universal ultrasound programme as cited in Marks et al,19 giving rise to two cases of DDH.
Expected number with DDH*120120120
Number not screened†020000
Positive screening result, n (%)2127 (2.1%)7662 (7.7%)8125 (8.1%)
    True positives429271
    False positives208575708054
Negative screening result, n978739033891875
    False negatives782649
    True negatives977959031291826
Detection rate, %35%76%60%
False positive rate, %2.1%7.6%8.1%
Odds of being affected given a positive screening result1:511:841:114