Table 2

Prevalence of major disease clusters in the first 60 days of life

% of all admissions <60 days of age (rank)% of mortality in those aged <60 days (rank)
*Severe infection includes the clinical categories (table 1), neonatal sepsis, severe infection/pneumonia, and meningitis.
†Prematurity includes children admitted up to the age of 30 days for whom their immaturity was considered the major problem.
‡Pneumonia includes children for whom the clinician felt able to make a firm clinical diagnosis of pneumonia rather than the less specific “severe infection”.
Severe infection*38 (1)29 (1)
Prematurity†11 (2)28 (2)
Pneumonia (aged 30–59 days)‡11 (3)0.5 (7)
Neonatal jaundice10 (4)11 (4)
Neonatal tetanus5 (5)16 (3)
Birth asphyxia4 (6)10 (5)
Clinically apparent congenital abnormalities2 (7)2 (6)
Respiratory distress/transient tachypnoea1 (8)0 (8)