Table 1

Characteristic features of the affected children and their leukaemias

Case 1Case 2
FAB, French-American-British classification; NOPHO, Nordic Organisation of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology; AML, acute myeloid leukaemia; CR, complete remission; CCR, continuous complete remission.
Congenital heart defectsExtreme tetralogy of FallotTruncus arteriosus communis, interrupted aortic arch, VSD
Other birth defectsAtresia of oesophagus, ureteropelvic stenosisNone
Location of the leukaemiaBone marrowBone marrow
Bone marrow infiltration85%95%
ImmunophenotypingCD 45, MPO, HLA-DR, CD 34, CD 117, CD 13, CD 33CD 45, CD 33, CD 64, CD 11c, HLA-DR, CD 38, CD 56
CytogeneticsNormal karyotypet(9;11)
FAB classificationM2M4/5
Treatment protocol and responseNOPHO-AML 1993, CR in 9 months, dead 11 months from diagnosisNOPHO-AML 1993, CCR