Table 2

Menstrual activity before and after chemotherapy in 10 young girls with osteosarcoma

PatientsAge at diagnosis (y)Tanner stage at diagnosisAge at M2 (y)Age at menarche (y)Amenorrhoea at end of therapyDuration of off-therapy amenorrhoea (y)Irregular menses at end of therapyIrregular menses at last follow upRegular menses at last follow upHighest FSH level recorded (IU/l)Last FSH level recorded (IU/l)
*Positive history for; †patients with hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism during follow up; HRT, on hormone replacement therapy.
Normal range for FSH in follicular phase, 1–12 IU/l.
Premenarcheal at diagnosis
16.4M1 P111.512.8*3.83.1
210.7M1 P113.415*5.43.8
311.4M2–3 P2<11.412*†*†132.05.5
411.8M2 P1<11.813.5*11.0
512.6M1 P116.2 (HRT)16.7 (HRT)*†14.94.6
Postmenarcheal at diagnosis
613.1M3 P3<13**4.6
714.8M4 P412*†1.0 (HRT)*†(HRT)51.29.3 (HRT)
815.1M5 P511**4.63.8
915.2M4 P411*0.3*7.82.9
1015.3M5 P513–14*†< 1.0*†127.25.0