Table 4

Regression analysis examining the association between severity of AD and ADFIS score at baseline and follow up

Dependent variable
Atopic Dermatitis Family Impact Scale score (baseline)Atopic Dermatitis Family Impact Scale score (follow up)
Predictor variablesβ (SE)p valueβ (SE)p value
Parameter estimates (β) are presented with standard errors (SE) indicated in parentheses.
NS indicates not significant at the 0.05 level.
SAEASI score0.17 (0.037)<0.0010.21 (0.085)<0.05
Parent’s perception that child’s eczema is severe0.012 (1.65)NS0.41 (0.73)NS
Financial concerns in paying for medical care for child2.40 (1.69)NS3.30 (1.54)<0.05
Work days lost because of caring for child’s condition4.91 (2.29)<0.05−1.13 (2.01)NS
High use of services beyond medical treatment for child1.83 (3.01)NS9.12 (2.05)<0.001
New to specialist care−5.57 (1.44)<0.0010.059 (1.50)NS
Constant6.39 (1.35)<0.0012.97 (0.82)<0.001
Adjusted R20.690.43