Table 3

Parent–caregiver characteristics at baseline and follow up

CharacteristicsBaselineFollow up
Standard deviations, where applicable, are indicated in parentheses.
*p<0.05; **significant at p<0.01 across two time periods using paired t tests.
Parent–caregiving issues
Lost more than a day in work last month because of caring for child’s condition (%)14.311.4
Perceives child’s condition is severe (%)**45.72.9
High use of services beyond medical treatment for child’s care (%)*14.32.9
Total EASI score (physician rated)**30.8 (28.6)12.7 (14.8)
Total SA-EASI score (parent rated)**18.2 (19.4)6.9 (5.7)
AD Family Impact Scale score**10.0 (7.5)5.7 (4.1)