Table 2

Sociodemographic characteristics of study population

CharacteristicsBaseline (n=49)
Mean (SD)
Follow up (n=35)
Mean (SD)
Standard deviations, where applicable, are indicated in parentheses.
Age of caregiver (in years)30.3 (8.1)29.9 (6.5)
Age of child (in years)4.7 (3.4)5.0 (3.7)
Non-white race (%)49.045.7
Hispanic origin (%)4.15.7
Parent–caregiver mother (%)89.894.3
Parent–caregiver at least high school educated (%)89.888.6
Parent socioeconomics
Parent–caregiver employed (%)89.891.4
Parent–caregiver single marital status (%)34.737.1
Has public insurance for self/child (%)30.634.3
Has private insurance for self/child (%)51.051.4
Total annual family income less than $20000 (%)28.631.4
Problems with insurance coverage of essential medical services for child (%)20.414.3
Parent–caregiving issues
Has other children with skin conditions (%)18.411.4
Children have other chronic conditions (%)22.425.7
Feels that she/he should be primary decision maker in child’s health care (%)28.620.0
Number of years of caring for child’s condition3.4 (3.3)3.5 (3.3)
Concerned about financial implications of caring for child’s condition (%)34.731.4
Transportation problems seeking care for child (%)16.314.2