Table 3

Comparison of services of paediatricians with a special interest in diabetes with those with no special interest

Paediatrician with stated special interest in diabetesPaediatrician without special interest in diabetes
*Significant difference (p<0.005).
Number of patients aged under age 16 years; mean (SD)75 (53)29 (28)*
Number of patients aged over 16 years; mean (SD)11 (16)2 (5)*
Patients per 1 WTE DSN; mean (SD)130 (111)40 (31)
Presence of paediatric dietitian93%68%*
Psychological/counselling support in clinic30%9%*
Glycated haemoglobin at each clinic visit88%74%*
Screen microalbuminuria78%44%*
Screen retinopathy97%80%*
Number of Diabetes UK recommendations met8.25.8*