Table 2

Percentage of respondents meeting each of 10 key recommendations for paediatric diabetes care8

Designated children’s diabetes clinic91
Glycated haemoglobin at each clinic visit88
Retinopathy screening87
Paediatrician with a special interest in diabetes78
Joint or combined handover clinic to adult services78
Paediatric diabetes specialist nurse75
Consultant to patient ratio of >1:4074
Screening for microalbuminuria66
Paediatric dietitian65
Paediatric diabetes specialist nurse: patient ratio of <1:10053
Number of respondents meeting:
    1 recommendation100
    2 recommendations100
    3 recommendations99
    4 recommendations98
    5 recommendations96
    6 recommendations93
    7 recommendations83
    8 recommendations58
    9 recommendations29
    10 recommendations12