Table 6

Outcomes compared according to the age that the children commenced renal replacement

Age at reaching end stage renal failure
Patient status<1 month (n=31)1–12 months (n=76)1–2 years (n=70)
The symbols indicate that there are statistically significant differences between the children commencing renal replacement within that age group and the children treated under 1 month of age. *χ2, p<0.05;
**χ2, p<0.02; ***χ2, p<0.001.
†Mann-Whitney U, p=0.05; ‡Mann-Whitney U, p<0.01.
Of those treated:
    Recovered function (%)163* 1**
    Died (%)453726
    Transplanted (%)365577***
Of those transplanted:
    Age at transplant (years) 2.1 2.4 2.8‡
    Weight at transplant (kg)11.011.812.8†
    Duration of transplant (years) 3.8 3.4 4.1
    Current graft survival (%)917680
    Height standard deviation score−1.67−1.55−1.33
    Weight standard deviation score−0.83−0.26−0.04
Of surviving children at time of study:
    % attending a special school202714