Table 1

Presenting features of MR+ patients

PatientAetiologyAge at onset of precocious puberty (y)Tanner breast (B) and pubic hair (P) stagesHeight (SDS)Treatment
SDS, standard deviation score.
1Hypothalamic hamartoma7.8B2 P20.6LHRH analogue
2Hypothalamic hamartoma2.0B3 P32.9LHRH analogue
3Hypothalamic hamartoma3.1B3 P23.0LHRH analogue
4Hypothalamic hamartoma5.7B3 P32.8LHRH analogue
5Hypothalamic hamartoma2.3B3 P32.7LHRH analogue, surgery
6Hypothalamic hamartoma3.0B3 P24.1LHRH analogue
7Hypothalamic astrocytoma7.0B3 P20.9LHRH analogue, surgery, chemotherapy
8Hypothalamic teratoma4.3B3 P2−1.7LHRH analogue
9Arachnoid cyst6.1B2 P30.4LHRH analogue, surgery
10Pineal cyst7.0B3 P21.8No treatment