Table 2

Criteria for trial entry

General criteria
    Patients who are likely to need at least 24 hours nursing observation after assessment on the paediatric assessment ward or on the post-take ward round
    Children considered unsuitable by the GP, assessing doctor or nurse
    Patients unwilling or unable to participate
    Patients who do not have telephone access (unless the scheme mobile phone is available)
    Children registered with a GP outside the health authority
Specific criteria (other than those noted, no period of observation required if clinically adjudged not to require admission)
    Age 6 months or over. Not after a febrile convulsion
Diarrhoea with/without vomiting
    Age 6 weeks or over
    Not having excessive (>4 in 4 hours) or bloody diarrhoea
    Not dehydrated or with adequate urine output
    If vomiting or refusing feed must take one clear feed (at least 10 ml/kg) without vomiting for 1 hour post-feed
    Must be alert
Breathing difficulties
    Age 6 weeks or over
    If age less than 6 months, must have had symptoms for at least 3 days
    Saturations in air ≥92% and not tired or pale
    Able to talk in sentences
    No accessory muscle use
    Over 5 years: peak flow >50% best or predicted; pulse <120, respirations <40
    Under 5 years: pulse <140, respirations <50
    Under 6 months: pulse <140, respirations <60
    These values must be pretreatment or 2 hours after last treatment. Stridor if present must be intermittent only