Table 1

Demographics of infants studied

Smoke exposedNon-smoke exposedp value
*Results expressed as median (range) or number.
Infant data
Exclusive/predominant breast fed890.5
Median birth weight, kg (range)3.18 (3.13–3.80)3.63 (2.49–4.28)0.22
Median age at time of study, wk (range)9 (8–12)9 (8–11)0.58
Median weight at time of sleep study, kg (range)5.1 (3.86–6.42)5.2 (4.56–5.82)0.84
Maternal history*
Cigarettes/day17 (4–30)0 (0)0.00001
Maternal age26.5 (19–35)29.5 (29–40)0.17
Alcohol consumed in pregnancy (number of persons)570.33
Daniel score (median)4.953.650.00001
Positive family history of SIDS120.5
Paternal history*
Paternal age32 (24–41)32 (27–35)0.63