Table 1

Checklist for methodological evaluation of included articles

Internal validity (V1–V7)
1Randomisation method presented.
2aHomogeneity of the population at entry of the study concerning diagnosis, confounding factors, prognostic factors.
2bSubgroup analysis done with respect to the mechanism for drooling if necessary.
3Description of a method to control for “adherence to therapy”.
4Description of a system for control of co-interventions (ENT surgery, behavioural therapy, and medication) at entry and during the study.
5Standardised method of outcome measure fully described.
6Repeated measurements during the observation period according to a fixed protocol.
7Intention to treat analysis if applicable.
External validity (V8–V15)
8Description of inclusion and exclusion criteria.
9Accurate description of the planned therapy or interventions.
10Check for co-intervention during the trial.
11Outcome rates correctly listed in the text.
12Description of relevant characteristics related to loss to follow up and adequate management of drop outs.
13Presentation of the number of subjects “lost to follow up”.
14Minimal follow up period of three months.
15Control for side effects.
Data presentation (D1–D5)
1Adequate sample size.
2Presentation of the mean of the outcome measures.
3Presentation of the standard deviation of the outcome measures.
4Method of statistical analysis described in relation to the design used.
5Appropriate statistical analysis done.