Table 2

Prevalence (%) of respiratory symptoms, stratified for ethnicity of the child

DutchIndonesianAntilleanSurinameseTurkishNorth AfricanEastern EuropeanOther
Symptoms 0–1 year n=3365n=10n=16n=28n=21n=13n=9n=21
Wheeze at least once2610252938382210
Recurrent wheezing7061191800
Night cough without a cold1890254817014
Runny nose without a cold3118275057311124
Runny nose with itchy/watery eyes50014291505
Symptoms 1–2 years n=3467n=11n=17n=30n=23n=14n=10n=26
Wheeze at least once1827122748211027
Recurrent wheezing6001047019
Night cough without a cold151818273936020
Runny nose without a cold21023434842042
Runny nose with itchy/watery eyes40187302908