Table 2

Duration of any breast feeding in Scandinavia among cases and controls with crude and adjusted odds ratios; the Nordic Epidemiological SIDS Study 1992–95

Duration of breast feedingCases nControls nOR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp value
Adjustment was made for smoking during pregnancy, paternal employment, sleeping position, and age of infant.
0–3 weeks44539.85.4 to 17.7<0.0014.61.9 to 11.10.001
4–7 weeks51967.24.1 to 12.7<0.0012.31.0 to 5.40.07
8–11 weeks591604.52.7 to 7.5<0.0011.00.4 to 2.20.96
12–15 weeks291751.70.9 to to 3.90.30
16+ weeks503591.0ref.1.0ref.