Table 4

Correlation between IGF-I SDS and characteristics of the patients observed at the initial evaluation

Variabler (p value)
Results are presented as correlation coefficient and p value. Abbreviations as for table 1.
%IWA0.52 (0.01)
%IWH0.67 (<0.001)
Height SDS0.03 (0.89)
LBM SDS0.63 (0.001)
FBM SDS0.53 (0.01)
Shwachman score0.52 (0.01)
FVC0.44 (0.039)
FEV10.46 (0.03)
Number of antibiotic courses in the year preceding the study−0.62 (0.003)
Prealbumin0.51 (0.036)
RBP0.49 (0.03)
Energy intake0.19 (0.22)