Table 1

Summary of evidence appraised, questions 1–4

Study: first author, yearReferenceEvidence level
Question 1: How should obesity be diagnosed and assessed?
SE Barlow, 1998 13 4
JH Himes, 1994Am J Clin Nutr59:307–164
EME Poskitt, 1995Acta Paediatr84:961–34
C Power, 1997Int J Obes21:507–262++
MC Bellizzi, 1999Am J Clin Nutr70:173–177s4
M de Onis, 1996Am J Clin Nutr64:650–84
JH Cross, 1995 10 3
JJ Reilly, 1999Int J Obes23:217–193
JT Warner, 1997Ann Hum Biol24:209–153
JJ Reilly, 2000 14 2+
LB Sardinha, 1999Am J Clin Nutr70:1090–53
JH Himes, 1999Int J Obes23:s18–s21s3
JD Marshall, 1991Hum Biol63:137–533
R Malina, 1999Am J Clin Nutr70: s131–s1363
F Schaefer, 1998Int J Obes22:461–93
R Lazarus, 1996Am J Clin Nutr63:500–62
Question 2: What is the prevalence of obesity in the UK?
JJ Reilly, 1999 1 3
JJ Reilly, 1999BMJ319:10392+
SJ Kinra, 1999 22 2+
Question 3: Is childhood obesity preventable?
RV Luepker, 1996JAMA275:768–761+
SL Gortmaker, 1999Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med153:409–181+
Question 4: Is childhood obesity treatable?
LM Mellin, 1987J Am Diet Assoc87:333–81+
LH Epstein, 1995Health Psychol14:109–151+
LH Epstein, 2000Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med154:220–61+