Table 4

Outcome by different causative agents and HIV serostatus

Overall (n = 459)Causative agent (%)
S pneumoniae (n = 192)H influenzae (n = 131)N meningitidis (n = 36)Salmonella spp (n = 24)No growth (n = 64)Other (n = 13)
*Includes 8 too young for testing and seen when oto-evoked emission test not available,15 neurologically damaged and seen when oto-evoked emission test not available, 1 child uncooperative,1 history and findings incompatible,1 unknown.
†Excludes hearing problems.
Number of children157302939932994321014145049
Died in hospital888948392126018791214
Died after discharge of meningitis problem614440520021210
Died after discharge of non-meningitis illness86430100100110
Survivors with full recovery*27 (17)92 (30)18175301220032112
Total with sequelae* (%)30 (19)88 (29)1734627382511113
All neuro problems†21557165173120921
All with hearing loss2671182712139343802
Hearing normal2410314218351200112303
Bilateral loss12358161712131502
Bilateral reduction67430211100100
Unilateral loss114180203010000
Unilateral reduction15000312000000
Conductive loss610500701001200
Inconclusive tests*10195321101011320
Not tested314250301001401