Table 2

Progress in hospital in different HIV serostatus groups

HIV seropositivityHIV+HIV−Differences between HIV+ and HIV−
*Includes two brain abscesses (one ventricular tap (S pneumoniae) and one necrotic post-infarct abscess (E coli).
†Transfusions given on admission or during stay in hospital.
Number of children157302
Median time (h) for temp ⩽37°C ⩾24 h [range]33 [6–264]24 [1–456]
Number requiring anticonvulsant therapy74 (47%)119 (39%)p = 0.135
Ultrasound scan of head done2882
Abnormal findings on ultrasound13 (46%)34 (41%)p = 0.8
Number requiring 2nd line antibiotic therapy43 (27%)114 (38%)p = 0.03
Subdural/abscess tapped*3 (2%)6 (2%)p = 0.6
Blood transfusions†3 (2%)6 (2%)p = 0.6