Table 2

Infant formulae on sale in one large supermarket chain in the UK, April 2002

Type of formulation
FormulaeReady to feed*Simplifeed system†Premeasured sachets‡Powder and scoop§
*0.5–1 litre cartons and/or individual ready made feeds.
†Mixing equipment plus premeasured sachets of dry powder to make up around one pint (0.56 litre) of reconstituted formula.
‡Each sachet of dry powder sufficient to make up one feed—feed size varies between brands.
§Large carton of dry powder and measuring scoop—scoop size varies within and between brands.
Cows’ milk, whey dominant
    Aptamil First
    Cow & Gate Premium
    Farley’s First
    Hipp Organic Infant
    SMA Gold
Cows’ milk, casein dominant
    Aptamil Extra
    Cow & Gate Plus
    Farley’s Second
    SMA White
Cows’ milk, 100% whey protein
    Cow & Gate Omneo Comfort 1
Soya based
    Farley’s Soya Formula
    Infasoy (Cow & Gate)
    SMA Wysoy