Table 6

Risk of low back pain in relation to positive associations (univariate) using a multivariate model

Positive factors on univariate analysisOdds ratio(95% CI)*
*ORs adjusted for age and gender in a logistic regression model.
    Medium0.8(0.6 to 1.2)
    High0.8(0.5 to 1.2)
Conduct problems
    Medium1.9(1.3 to 2.7)
    High2.4(1.6 to 3.8)
Emotional problems
    Medium1.1(0.8 to 1.6)
    High2.0(1.4 to 2.9)
Peer problems
    Medium1.2(0.8 to 1.7)
    High1.0(0.7 to 1.4)
    No days1.0(referent)
    1–2 days1.3(0.9 to 1.8)
    More than 3 days1.8(1.2 to 2.7)
Abdominal pain
    No days1.0(referent)
    1–2 days1.2(0.9 to 1.7)
    More than 3 days1.4(0.9 to 2.4)
Sore throats
    No days1.0(referent)
    1–2 days1.4(0.96 to 2.0)
    More than 3 days1.7(1.2 to 2.5)
Daytime tiredness
    No days1.0(referent)
    1–2 days1.5(1.02 to 2.2)
    More than 3 days1.9(1.3 to 2.8)
Part time job
    Yes1.4(1.01 to 1.9)