Table 1

Studies fulfilling the criteria* for this review

StudyDesignSettingParticipantsSamples analysedOutcome measures
*Eligibility criteria given in text.
CHC, child health clinic.
Jacob, 198531InterviewUK30 mothers living in catchment area of five CHCsReported method of preparing feed and measuring powder
McJunkin et al, 198732Interview; reconstituted milk samples analysedUSA175 mothers attending one urban CHC133 reconstituted feeds provided by mothersFat, protein, and total solids content of feed
Lilburne et al, 198833Interview; reconstituted milk samples analysedAustralia272 mothers attending 19 CHCs34 reconstituted feeds provided by mothers and unknown number of reconstituted feeds prepared in hospital kitchenReported method of preparing feed and measuring powder; osmolality of feeds
Jeffs, 198934Dry milk powder measured from an open packet with product’s own scoopUK28 mothers attending two CHCs84 scoops of dry powder measured by mothersWeight of powder
Lucas et al, 199135Reconstituted milk samples analysedUK19 mothers included in a randomised trial of ready-to-feed and powdered formulaMedian of 5 (range 3–6) reconstituted feeds provided by each motherEnergy content of feed