Table 1

Patient demographics

GST, glucagon stimulation test; HPA, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal; SSST, short synacthen stimulation test; MDI, metered dose inhaler; DPI, dry powder inhaler; OCS, oral corticosteroid.
*One patient had a baseline cortisol of 575 nmol/L with an increase from baseline in the SSST to 600nmol/L (ie, <200nmol/L).
†One patient was using an MDI plus spacer for FP and a nebuliser for BUD.
Males/females (n)17/113/2
Mean age (range) in years6.4 (3.3–10)41 (18–80)
Presentation (n)
    Acute hypoglycaemia231
        Decreased levels of conciousness or coma130
        Coma and convulsions101
Mean cortisol at acute presentation (range) in nmol/L165 (6–575)* n = 11− n = 0
Mean peak cortisol response to SSST (range) in nmol/L163 (14–600)* n = 20221 (80–318) n = 4
Mean peak cortisol response to GST (range) in nmol/L134 (20–312) n = 27− n = 0
Duration of ICS treatment (years)1.7 n = 223.3 n = 5
Mean dose (range) of FP in μg/day980 (500–2000) n = 271380 (1000–2000) n = 4
Inhaler use (n)
    MDI plus spacer18†0
OCS use in previous 12 months (n)
    ≤21 days275
    Between 21 and 72 days10