Table 2

Incidence of intrathoracic petechial haemorrhages in SIDS and comparison cases

ReferenceSIDS casesFrequency of petechiae (%)Non-SIDS comparisons
Werne and Garrow373180Absent or sparse in infant suffocation, CO asphyxia, drowning
Jacobsen and Voight389795Rare in infanticide, accidents
Geertinger3980796 of 43 (14%)
Cooke and Welsh40919410 of 31 (32%) in no case were they numerous
Marshall411626812 of 42 (29%)
Beckwith311098716 of 38 (42%)
Valdes-Dapena et al336228239 of 65 (60%)
Risse and Weiler2963 (thymus)8713 of 33 (39%)(thymus)