Table 1

Predisposing host and epidemiological risk factors associated with SIDS

Prenatal/pregnancy 5– 8
Higher parity
Low birth weight, short gestation (intrauterine growth retardation)
Inadequate prenatal care
Maternal smoking
Smoking within the household during pregnancy
Maternal recreational drug use (opiates, cocaine)
Urinary tract infection9
Demographic/genetic 8
Lower socioeconomic status
Race-ethnicity: African-American, indigenous populations: Aboriginal Australian, Maori, Native Americans
Age at death (peak at 2–4 months)
Male gender
Cold season
IL-10 low producer
IL-1b high producers
Neonatal/postnatal 5– 6, 8, 10– 12
Infections (URTI or gastroenteritis)(recent illness potentiates effect of prone sleep position and overwrapping)
Passive exposure to cigarette smoke
Lack of breast feeding
Prone sleep position
Bed sharing
Sofa sleeping
Used mattress
Lack of or late immunisation