Table 1

Rates of bronchiolitis associated and RSV related hospitalisations (per 100 children born in or moved in soon after birth and resident in the county on 1 November of the relevant year)

NumberBronchiolitis associated hospitalisationsRSV related hospitalisations
Infants <1 year of age146643.12.4
Boys <1 year of age75133.52.7
Infants <6 months of age75344.6 3.6
Boys <6 months of age38514.1 3.8
Infants under 6 months of age
⩽36 weeks gestation496 11.38.9
⩽32 weeks gestation13514.18.9
⩽28 weeks gestation3212.512.5
Birth weight <2500 g50311.58.5
Birth weight <1500 g8915.77.9
Birth weight <1000 g3321.29.1