Table 7

Use of soothers and the risk of sudden infant death syndrome

Soother usedCasesControlsUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis*
n%n%OR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp value
*Adjusted for maternal age, education, smoking and drinking during pregnancy, social disadvantage, z scores for weight by gestation whether breast feeding was initiated at birth, baby being ill, crying/colic problems, symptoms in 48 h prior to last/reference sleep, tog of bed covering ⩾10, use of pillows, duvets, prone position, and co-sleeping during the last/reference sleep period.
Usual practice
Yes11977411661.951.25 to 3.06<0.011.470.62 to 3.500.38
Last/reference sleep period
Yes4530355550.340.22 to 0.50<0.0010.100.03 to 0.31<0.001
Change in routine soother use during last/ref sleep period
Yes7047119194.532.92 to 7.01<0.0015.832.37 to 14.36<0.001