Table 6

Interaction between co-sleeping variable and other risk factors

Risk factorCasesControlsInteraction with co-sleeping
n%n%OR95% CIp value
Proportions refer to those subjects who were positive for both co-sleeping and the risk factor.
*Odds ratios not available.
Found prone11830.50.210.38 to 1.200.08
Placed in prone position8500***
Pillows used442991.50.550.15 to 1.940.35
Use of duvets53352540.440.10 to 1.900.28
Tog of bedding ⩾1056372341.100.28 to 4.250.88
Absence of routine soother use302050.80.510.13 to 2.010.34
Mother smoking during pregnancy61394121.842.27 to 209.89<0.01
Breast feeding initiated at birth1382640.410.03 to 0.80<0.05
History of illness since birth43281220.300.09 to 0.97<0.05
Symptoms in 48 h prior to death/awakening28181120.460.11 to 1.840.28
Social disadvantage (3–5)402630.50.680.15 to 3.040.61