Table 5

Prevalence of risk factors among all co-sleeping and non co-sleeping infants during the last sleep period

VariableCo-sleepers (%)Sleeping alone (%)χ2p value
Percentages refer to proportion of all subjects, including both cases and controls.
Placed prone843.540.06
Found prone1493.420.06
Pillows used541394.63<0.001
Tog of bedding ⩾10815033.31<0.001
Duvets used7918166.16<0.001
Absence of routine soother use36237.83<0.01
Mother smoker653240.46<0.001
Breast feeding initiated at birth39420.330.56
Illness in last 48 h392821.76<0.05
History of illness since birth56325.77<0.001
Social disadvantage (3–5)431835.31<0.001