Table 2

Infant–parent co-sleeping and the risk of SIDS

Co-sleeping routineCasesControlsUnivariate†Multivariate*
n%n%OR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp value
*Adjusted for maternal age, education, smoking and drinking during pregnancy, social disadvantage, z scores for weight by gestation, whether breast feeding was initiated at birth, baby being ill, crying/colic problems, symptoms in 48 h prior to last/reference sleep, tog of bed covering ⩾10, use of pillows, duvets, prone position, and absence of routine soother use during the last/reference sleep period.
†Adjusted for infant age at death/interview.
‡Information not available on one infant. Difference in number of co-sleepers during the last sleep between (a) and (b) due to the inclusion in (a) only of infants who were co-sleeping specifically at the time of death/awakening, while (b) refers to all infants who were co-sleeping during this sleep period, including those who were placed back in their own cot/bed prior to or following being in adults’ bed/sofa/armchair.
§Odds ratio (OR) not available due to the lack of any control infants who co-slept on sofas/armchairs.
Usual practice (night)
Yes42273355.793.31 to 10.13<0.0014.311.07 to 17.37<0.05
Last/reference sleep period (a)
Yes684432‡57.341.54 to 34.92<0.0116.473.72 to 72.75<0.001
Bedsharing during last sleep period (b)
No bedsharing765048378Refref
Put back in cot2315106171.070.21 to 5.410.931.290.41 to 3.950.66
Bedsharing entire sleep period47313155.251.09 to 25.25< to 50.90<0.05
Co-sleeping on sofa/armchair6400§§§§§§