Table 1

Variables associated with the infants’ last/reference sleep as risk factors for SIDS

VariableCasesControlsUnivariate analysis*Multivariate analysis
n%n%OR95% CIp valueOR95% CIp value
Adjusted for maternal age, education, smoking during pregnancy, social disadvantage, z scores for weight by gestation, whether breast feeding initiated at birth, baby being ill, crying/colic problems, symptoms in 48 h prior to last/reference sleep, and other variables listed in table (excluding variables for secondary and unaccustomed prone). *Adjusted for infant age.
†Odds ratios (OR) not available.
na, analysis not applicable due to non-significance of unadjusted odds ratio.
Placed prone19121528.283.43 to 19.98<0.00111.471.24 to 106.06<0.05
Placed in side position6844230371.761.16 to 2.66<0.0012.380.69 to 8.210.17
Co-sleeping68443257.341.54 to 34.92<0.0116.473.73 to 72.75<0.001
Use of pillows684473127.034.27 to 11.58<0.0011.100.30 to 4.010.87
Tog of coverings ⩾1010167310502.341.53 to 3.58<0.0010.930.35 to 2.460.89
Use of duvets8153118195.273.38 to 8.22<0.0011.320.41 to 4.150.63
Absence of routine soother use7047119194.532.92 to 7.01<0.0015.862.37 to 14.36<0.01
Secondary prone position17112442.070.99 to 4.320.052nanana
Unaccustomed prone position12810.2