Table 2

Thematic analysis

Question 7(b): Did you discuss your subsequent pregnancy with any member of the CF team?
Fifteen respondents gave reasons why they did not discuss their pregnancy with any member of the CF team. They were:
Already decided to have the test3
Did not feel the need to discuss with the team as they knew the options3
Did not have the need to discuss as their new partner was not a carrier in one case and IVF was being undertaken in the other2
Parent wanted to carry on as normal1
Because she had CF she felt that the team may dissuade the couple to carry on with the pregnancy1
Perceived that discussion was not offered with the team1
Discussed the options with a member of the genetics department1
Felt that she was unable to cope as she and the child were unwell1
Felt that it was not important1
Concerned how the team would view the termination of pregnancy1
Question 11: Any other comments? (Applicable to all participants)
The team did not apply any pressure1
Cystic fibrosis is not that serious3
Cystic fibrosis is serious4
Would have a termination if the baby was affected5
Could not terminate the life of a CF child5
Had a good service6
Could not cope with the pressure of another CF child5
One partner did want the termination of pregnancy, the other did not2
Felt there was a bias to CVS and a termination of pregnancy1