Table 1

Corticosteroid content of 24* herbal creams used by children with atopic eczema at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, March 2001 to April 2002

CorticosteroidPotencyn* (%)
*Includes five samples labelled Wau Wa Cream, two samples labelled Muijiza Cream, and one Chinese cream.
Negative4 (16.7)
HydrocortisoneMild2 (8.3)
Clobetasone butyrateModerate3 (12.5)
Betamethasone valeratePotent2 (8.3)
Clobetasol propionateVery potent11* (45.8)
Clobetasol butyrate and hydrocortisoneVery potent and mild1 (4.2)
Unidentified peak1 (4.2)