Table 3

Ultrasonic textural data at interventricular septum and posterior wall in children with Down’s syndrome with and without (control group) subclinical hypothyroidism

DS and SH n = 16</emph>Control group with DS n = 25
No differences between the two groups were statistically significant.
DS, Down’s syndrome; SH, subclinical hypothyroidism; CVIVS, cyclic variation at interventricular septum; CVPW, cyclic variation at left ventricular posterior wall; INTIVS, averaged intensity at interventricular septum; INTPW, averaged intensity at left ventricular posterior wall.
CVIVS9.8 (1.5)10.2 (2.2)
CVPW11.3 (3.7)12 (2.4)
INTIVS(dB)−35 (4)−33.6 (5.5)
INTPW(dB)−31 (3.8)−30.7 (5.9)