Table 3

Summary of rest position and subtalar, mid-tarsal, and metatarso-phalangeal joint ROM from clinical assessment

Each subject was categorised according to clinical presentation: clinical group A (minimal joint restriction), clinical group B (restricted joint motion, STJ supinatory deformity), clinical group C (restricted joint motion, STJ pronatory deformity).
–, Normal; 0, none; ↑/↓, increased/reduced; ABD, abduction; abd, abducted; ADD, adduction; Add, adducted; Df, dorsiflexed; HV, hallux valgus; Hyperex, hyperextended; PRN, pronation; prn, prone; PSN, position; ROM, range of motion; SPN, supination; sup, supine; WTB, on weight bearing.
Clinical group A
1R↓R↓L&R Pain
2L sup
3L&R sup (mild)Hyperex
5HV and hallux callus
6L&R mild cavumR↓L&R↓
Clinical group B
8L&R supHyperex
9L sup5th MTH callus, and Df hallux
10L&R sup0Hyperex
11L&R supHyperex
12L&R sup↑WTBAdd
13R supL abdMobileMobileHyperex
L prn
Clinical group C
14L&R prnAbd